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Jan. 24th, 2011 @ 01:59 pm Nicknames
OK so I was going to follow up with my last FC post with some emo thoughts that were on my mind, but making that post gave me a bit of perspective and left me wondering - is it really necessary? As the PCD fades into memory, I've been left with a few goofy furry ponderings.

Specifically, for all the fursuits owned by mikecoyote and I, I almost never call any of them by their actual name...for each suit we have a series of pet names that cycle in an out depending on our mood.

1) Mojave Coyote = "Coyo"
This is actually what I call Mike most times - on my phone, he is listed as "Coyo!". But Mojave has the most nicknames of any of our suits. Mojave also goes by "Bark Hat", "Bark @", "Barksome", "Bark in the Dark", "Bark at the park", "Cuddlesome", "Snugglesome" (which has since devolved into "Snawesome"), "Brown Town", "Krab" ("Bark" backwards, when he's crabby) and "Guau Allow" (when I let him bark in Spanish)

2) Tabitha the Bat = "Squee"
This is also the sound she makes in the dark when she is trying to echo-locate me. I think she's more luxuriously known as the "Mattress Battress", but I don't dare call her that to her face.

3) Cobb the BlueJay = "Bok"
Cobb also has a lot of nicknames, but "Bok" is the one that stuck. Actually his name came from that word, since "Cobb" is just a rough estimation of "Bok" backwards. We also call him "Bok A Lock" (my favorite), "Hecka Peck" and "Pecksome".

4) Sobie the Fox = "Fuzz Fox"
Sobie never really got much of a character for us, and has become our kinda default cuddly critter when we are in a foxy mood. I have no idea why, but for some reason we are both very scared of his missle-shaped nose, and often launch fox-nose attacks on the other person to terrorize them. Thus we also call him "Missle Nose" or "ICBM-N" (Intercontinental Ballistic Missle-Nose) Because we like to say words backwards, we also call Sobie "Zzuf Xof" or just "Zzuf".

5) Grabbit the Rabbit = "Grabby"
Grabbit's name itself is a stupid nickname (Grabbit = Grant + Rabbit) but our stupidness has overcome this hurdle and now we call Grabbit "Grunny Bunny" (Grant + Bunny), "Grabby Rabby", and "One Fun Bun". Also "My-Bun-Hi" because it kinda sounds like hello in tagalog ("Mabuhay")

6) Burrita the Donkey = "Ponkey"
This is just a very goofy donkey to look at, and the names are equally silly. I'm a big fan of Ponkey (pink + donkey), though I've also become partial to "Hee Haw" and the tangent "Grand HawHee" (a takeoff of "Grand Chawhee" from All Dogs Go to Heaven)

So I'm curious - does anyone else have pet names for their fuzzy critters?
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Date:January 25th, 2011 05:05 am (UTC)
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You guys' nicknames are one of those things I find awesome and adorable and unforgettable :D
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Date:January 25th, 2011 07:29 am (UTC)
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hehe... fun posting! Wish I hadn't missed ya this year!